The FFP Shifter Cable Upgrade...Stronger. Smoother. Quieter.

Go Green

What Drives Us?

We believe that every gear change presents an opportunity to deepen the mechanical connection between you and your car.  To us, gear shifting is the paramount element of a distilled analog driving experience.

Given its significance, each gear shift should feel solid, purposeful, and precise - rewarding you with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that delivers pure automotive joy.

To that end, we meticulously dissect and perfect every single component that resides between the driver’s hand and the car’s transmission to deliver the ultimate in efficient and refined shifter feel for your Porsche.

That’s what drives us.

986 / 996 / 987 / 997

"Slightly" Short Shifter

Ball bearings at every axis for maximum feedback and precision with zero loss of motion transfer. Choose from 3 available throw lengths to customize YOUR OWN preferred analog experience.