Terms and Conditions

By purchasing, handling, installing, or using any parts, products, or items from Function-First Performance LLC, you acknowledge that you understand, agree with, and comply with the following terms and conditions:

Function-First Performance LLC products and parts (collectively referred to as “item” or “items” henceforth) are sold as-is without any express or implied warranties.  Operating a car and working on or around a car are inherently dangerous activities.  The purchaser/installer/end user (collectively referred to as “the user” henceforth) of any item or items purchased from Function-First Performance LLC absolves Function-First Performance LLC from any responsibility or wrongdoing, including financial loss, damage, injury, or death, which may result from the handling of, installation of, use, or misuse of any item or items sold.  Should such products prove to be defective following their purchase, installation, or use, Function-First Performance LLC will not and can not be held responsible for any resultant losses, injuries, or damage.  It is solely the user’s responsibility to verify fitment and correct application for their specific use or vehicle prior to ordering or installing any item or items.  It is solely the user’s responsibility to inspect any and all items for defect, damage, wear, and overall condition prior to each use.  Any deviation by the user from Function-First Performance LLC’s specifications concerning use, maintenance, repair, alterations, or modifications constitutes willful negligence.  The user acknowledges that the installation of any Function-First Performance LLC item or items may adversely affect, damage, or cause failure to other vehicle parts or components, and that Function-First Performance LLC assumes no responsibility for such damage or failure, or any resultant damage, bodily injury, or death, that may arise from failure of said vehicle parts and components.  The liability of Function-First Performance LLC is limited to the replacement of defective products or parts found under examination by manufacturer to be defective in material or workmanship within thirty (30) days after receipt of purchase, and which damage or defect has not been caused by an accident, improper use, alteration, tampering, excessive use, misuse, modification or abuse. The damage of the user shall be deemed liquidated in the costs of replacement of the product or part.  All product descriptions and commentary are opinions of Function-First Performance LLC and in no way imply any guarantee of item performance or results.

All instances of the Porsche name and its model designations are used for informational purposes only and are registered trademarks of Porsche AG.  Use of their name and/or names in no way implies that any item is manufactured, endorsed, or approved for use by Porsche AG.