In stock form, the shifter is mounted too low - especially for cars that are tracked and raced.


The FUNCTION-FIRST Performance Shifter Riser Kit raises the shifter 2 inches for enhanced driving ergonomics.


Just like in the factory racecars, the shifter assembly is mounted onto aluminum hex standoffs, decreasing the distance between the steering wheel and shifter. Execute rapid and assertive gear changes and optimize vehicle control by maximizing the time your hands stay on the steering wheel.

And if you want to keep the emergency brake intact, the 1.5 inch e-brake risers allow for shifter cable routing clearance, while the lower mounting height provides your shifting arm an unobstructed path.


The Shifter Riser Kit is available in 3 configurations:

1. Shifter Riser Kit – Spacers and hardware for raising the shifter up 2 inches and the e-brake up 1.5 inches
2. Shifter Risers – Spacers and hardware for raising the shifter up 2 inches (select if you plan to omit the e-brake)
3. E-brake Risers – Spacers and hardware for raising the e-brake up 1.5 inches (select if you use another shifter riser that requires spacing up the e-brake)


Please Note: The Shifter Riser Kit is designed to work with the OEM shifter cradle - please check for compatibility with other shifters before placing your order. This kit is intended for use in race and track cars with gutted interiors, and is not for use with the OEM center console.  To retain your stock interior and use the risers in your 996 Coupe, please check out the CONSOLE RISER KIT.

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PLEASE NOTE:  OEM parts and Slotted Shift Knob shown in the pictures are not included with purchase of the Shifter Riser Kit.