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Lackluster shifting performance on many stock Porsches can be attributed to the cheap plastic bushings and pivot connections utilized in the shifter assembly.  Because these bushings require loose tolerances and free play to not bind, they generate sloppy shifter feel.  Moreover, their plastic and rubber construction flexes excessively which causes spongy gear engagement, especially on cars that have accumulated wear and tear over the years.


The SHIFT-RIGHT Solution replaces these plastic bushings with ball bearings, eliminating the flex and excess play that normally plagues the stock setup.  As a result, shifter feel is sharpened and gears engage with certainty.


The Retrofit Kit is comprised of custom machined aluminum pieces, heavy-duty ball bearings, and hardware to entirely upgrade the factory shifter assembly.  Additionally, the tightly toleranced shifter yoke is hard anodized for maximum wear protection and Teflon impregnated to further reduce friction.  The OEM cradle and shift lever are retained with this setup so that your shifter throw remains unchanged and the factory fit is preserved.


The SHIFT-RIGHT Solution is compatible with all OEM shifter units for 986/996/987/997, as well as most aftermarket short shift kits.  Please contact us to confirm fitment for your particular aftermarket short shift kit.

The SHIFT-RIGHT Solution is available in 2 configurations:

1. RETROFIT KIT - Includes all components & hardware to upgrade your existing OEM shifter unit. Choose the model that corresponds to the shifter unit currently installed in your car - 986/996 or 987/997.

2. DROP-IN SHIFTER - Complete and refurbished OEM shifter assembly with a brand new SRS Retrofit Kit pre-installed.  Choose from...

986/996 Standard Throw - equivalent to Cup shifter (PCA GTC3 legal) - OEM part number 99642401004 or 99642401005

987/997 Standard Throw - 15% throw reduction vs 996 shifter - OEM part number 99742401000 or 99742401091



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*** SRS Retrofit Kit is SOLD OUT until late-February ***

Select SRS Retrofit Kit:
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*** SRS Drop-in Shifter is SOLD OUT until late-February ***

Select SRS Drop-in Shifter:

By default, items ship via Ground.  For expedited shipping services, please contact prior to placing your order.


PLEASE NOTE:  Fitment is for Manual Transmission vehicles only. Choose model based on the type of shifter installed in your car, not necessarily your car model (ie. some 996s have 997 shifters installed).  The drop-in shifter pictured above is for illustrative purposes only - the 996 or 997 standard throw drop-in shifters look different.

Installation Instructions