The OEM engine mounts are a wear item and need replacing after only a couple years of use, due to their rapid deformation.  The weakened mounts lead to a loose feeling chassis, imprecise handling, and numb shifter feel. Yet, even new OEM mounts exhibit too much flex to extract the desired performance from your Porsche.

Enter the FUNCTION-FIRST Performance Engine Mount Upgrade.

We upgrade brand new OEM engine mounts by adding a pocket of urethane in the bottom voids to moderately increase the stiffeness of the mounts and prevent them from prematurely sagging. The result is a rejuvenated and sportier setup, akin to a semi-solid mount, that remains compliant for street use. We describe them as "Semi-Semi-Solid" Engine Mounts.

The FFP Engine Mount Upgrade does not alter any structural component of the mount and adds only minimal NVH to preserve a streetable ride.  And by limiting some of the undesirable drivetrain movement, you will be rewarded with precise turn-in, planted handling, reduced weight transfer, minimized wheel hop, and direct and confident shifts - all while adding reliability and preserving a compliant ride!

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Price is per pair - 1 pair needed per car.


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